Harrison McClary


Catching those intimate events that define a moment in time are what allow us to savor our memories: When the entertainer sizzles, the honoree shines, or the activity delights. Capturing those special moments in time -- at a convention, when introducing a new product, or completing a new facility – is what Harrison McClary has done all his life.

With his eye for detail and his creative use of light, McClary creates images with depth, character, and a visceral jolt. He looks for those moments no one else sees that tell the story with unforgettable impact.

From a portrait that defines its subject with humor and delight, to the delicate clean-up of an oil covered bird, to the well-designed home interior, to the inter-workings of the newest technology, McClary has captured it all with his unique eye that draws you into the moment.

McClary is an award-winning photographer based in Brentwood, Tennessee. His work has been seen both commercially and photo-journalistically for more than 30 years. He has provided content to companies, magazines, and media outlets around the world.

Over the years he has covered events such as the CFB National Championship game, the World Series, the Super Bowl, The Masters Golf Tournament, a convention for the Humane Society of the United States, and presidential elections. BP hired him to document all aspect of the oil spill, which he produced with clarity, compassion, and concern.

Formerly, McClary worked as the Photo Editor/Director of Photography for Athlon Sports/AMG Parade. While there, he supervised, hired, and managed the budgets of a national network of photographers covering major Division 1 and professional sporting events for the company’s family of annual magazines and their website. He has also shot for UPI and Reuter’s Wire Service.

“I can get what a company needs on location, portraits, products, and also candid shots,” says McClary. “I have taken all kinds of shots in all kinds of places – people, animals, products, buildings, and corporate events.”